A Cruel Courtship

Margaret Kerr Trilogy #3 Paperback

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Scotland, 1297.

Passionate, brave and fiercely loyal, Margaret Kerr - a young woman estranged from her husband - is determined to play her part in saving Scotland from the hammer of Edward Longshanks - King of England and would-be King of the Scots. And so she travels to Stirling to discover why the informer upon whom the Scottish rebels depend has become unreliable.

It is an important and difficult mission, for he who holds Stirling Castle holds Scotland, and with fresh English recruits marching forth, a bloody battle for the castle is imminent. As the Scots prepare to cast off the English yoke once and for all, Margaret soon realises she can trust no one, not even her closest friends. Is she prepared to give her life for her country?


"Candace Robb Brings history to life and this is a satisfying read, full of interesting detail about the life and times in Scotland in the 13th Century." - Aberdeen Press & Journal

"Thirteenth-century Edinburgh comes off the page cold and convincing - most enjoyable." - The List

"Brilliant - Robb presents a feisty new heroine who proves to be no fool." - Woman & Home

"'This is history as it should be told!" - Good Book Guide


"Intrigue abounds... Robb's captivating blend of history and mystery vividly evokes medieval Scotland." - Booklist

"With meticulous attention to historical details... the author lovingly recreates medieval Edinburgh." - Publisher's Weekly

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